Our Macro thoughts…Inexplicable Clustering Of Risks…Greatest Threat Ahead…

…Risks and returns in the financial markets…have a tendency to cluster…At times…we experience…in our markets..great runs ..then…great falls….up waves and down cycles that appear to follow and feed on each other..even though mathematically most of our statistical modeling accounts for returns as independent values…Clustering of events…can also be seen holding true for our lives…both professional and personal..the ups and downs we experience individually and collectively…as families and as we relate to each other in our neighborhoods and in the global village…the action and reaction pairs are difficult to isolate..each components of our manifestation of our action as human beings…can be a blend of deterministic and non-deterministic interactions..in the former inputs are applied..and in the deterministic model the output produced will always be the same given the starting condition and initial state…however we have true limitations as even the starting conditions in the case of human interactions and the market can be hardly defined in a measurable fashion..and even if they were for a nanosecond…they will change..for the river is never the same river you swam in and you are never the same person swimming in it…the state of flux is the only constant in nature.. and much more so in human interactions…which in turn define value in the market place..and in each facet of life….trying to decipher the percentage of each ..deterministic and non-deterministic action and their interaction producing a new action..in the age old…action..reaction struggle have results attempted to be measured through modeling that incorporates chaos methodologies..interaction in the entire ecosystem are at times orderly, others chaotic and and sometimes in an inexplicably way they feed on each other to produce something amazingly different…it might have been the Renaissance in Europe..14th to 17th century Europe..this Era of amazing discoveries but foremost Humanism and Art..Erasmus…Leonardo Davinci…Michelangelo…or the 18th century Classical Master Composers…bursting all into the scene all nearly at once……Haydn..Mozart..Beethoven..Schubert…what contiritbutes to such clusters..are much unintended consequences at play…is there a more deterministic nature that we fail to assign…Our models for human behavior in the market and life are most complex..limited and least understood as the unknown unknowns are greater at times than the known’s we have isolated…in the end…however cognizant of our limitations we attempt to rationalize…even thought that it could have been..a series of statistical probable impossibilities that came together to produce an outcome that we can not be rationalized and yet we do..we rationalize it …because we carry the tendency as humans to want things to be normal…rational..explainable…understood…this part of our nature…this is progress and struggle..for there is a metaphysical dimension that can not be measured..making any model inheritably deficient… in turn any attempt for rationalization..and modest advances…leads us to think we can affect developments without taking into account that the system is more overly complex and unmanageable…the issue of volatility clustering is very complex…as it takes modeling that holds too many unknowns…but since the unknowingly split of the atom by Enrico Fermi and the first nuclear chain reaction at the University of Chicago in 1942….and the atomic bomb creation in 1945..one thing is certain…certain unknowns have now a certain value…and it can with certainty be measured as of its outcome as ultimate prize…being the destruction of the planet and the human race as we know it…all coming down to one single variable…for such a complex equation to have a deterministic valuation dependent on a single variable..is an end game proposition…an established nearly certain outcome….that our rationalization patterns have created in last half century…so much should be done..on an international level…to lessen the greatest risk at present…An Inexplicable Potential Clustering of Risks…that can conspire to leave the equation with a single deterministic variable.. the possibility of global risk clustering makes each crisis of such apocalyptic magnitude our crises …and they never begin as apocalyptic…they can take their genesis as technological solutions in our quest for human progress..civilization advances…progress to a deterministic outcome…Japan was the first to experience the horrors of technological breakthrough..in Hiroshima and Nagasaki…they are living those miserable times again…and yet they stand the winds of death… bravely…the Japanese Nation displays courage and pride against all adversity…for all world to see…For we are all Japan…for we know they will come back stronger..we have to change out thinking ..our modeling..we are too dependent on making decisions on present cost benefit analysis and not on futures valuations in regards to quality of life…making decisions that bear costs near term but benefit our children and the planet long term should be our modus operandi…we need all around the world to come together…to hold back as much as humanly possible…the Clustering of Events…introduce in our equation Love and Compassion..for each other…for we are likely to have collectively now passed ..in our thinking at Global Titan and regrettably through the period that risks will continue to cluster on the downside…..gTzanetatosgGLOBAL TITAN

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Tzanetatos Capital Management LLC, a Chicago based , Delaware Incorporated LLC, boutique Managed Futures Global Macro trading firm. The core offering by the firm is the GLOBAL TITAN/ ORIGINAL PROGAM, traded by Mr. George Tzanetatos. The trading program’s principal investment objective is capital appreciation. It seeks to identify and leverage positive, as well as negative trends at the macroeconomic level on the domestic and global capital markets. Global Titan is positioned to strive to exploit the dislocations and macro trends our research has identified in a disciplined manner, aiming to deliver long term performance and value to our clients. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURES RESULTS.
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