Following the Euro Summit Results of 12/9/11…Kontriatieff’s “deep winter cycle” prepared to accelerate.

“Prepare for History will begin marching against us at an accelerated pace.

Our Kontratieff work indicates- The entire world entering deeply towards the vortex of financial depression, economic stagnation and geopolitical imbalances that massive economicosocial peoples movements both create and destroy until some global equilibrium makes its appearance. The means of production are being retooled towards global scale conflict.

The new global order is emerging and collapsing simultaneously.

Renewal cycle will take immense more time as Kontratieff “deep winter cycle” gets longer and darker. It has only began”

Tzanetatos Capital/Chicago

About TzanetatosCapital/GlobalTitan

Tzanetatos Capital Management LLC, a Chicago based , Delaware Incorporated LLC, boutique Managed Futures Global Macro trading firm. The core offering by the firm is the GLOBAL TITAN/ ORIGINAL PROGAM, traded by Mr. George Tzanetatos. The trading program’s principal investment objective is capital appreciation. It seeks to identify and leverage positive, as well as negative trends at the macroeconomic level on the domestic and global capital markets. Global Titan is positioned to strive to exploit the dislocations and macro trends our research has identified in a disciplined manner, aiming to deliver long term performance and value to our clients. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURES RESULTS.
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