We are pleased to inform you that for the second consecutive month (May 2012) in the Barclay Hedge Tables the Global Titan Program of Tzanetatos Capital Management has received top rankings.

 “Global Titan is positioned for what is coming.We anticipate major turbulence in world markets and much geopolitical and economic upheaval.” G. Tzanetatos

Global Titan perfomance updates are carried by major institutional world hedge fund databases.
Bloomberg updates Global Titan (Symbol: GLTITAN) on their world wide terminals.



Tzanetatos Capital Management, LLC has ranked # 1 in the Discretionary Traders Managing Less Than $10M category for May 2012.

 Tzanetatos Capital Management, LLC has ranked # 1 in the Diversified Traders Managing Less Than $10M category for May 2012.

 Tzanetatos Capital Management, LLC has ranked # 1 in the CTAs Managing Less Than $10M category for May 2012.


Kondriatieff’s “deep winter cycle” prepared to accelerate. 

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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Alternative investments such as managed futures investments are speculative, involve substantial risk and are not suitable for all investors.

Futures trading is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. For a complete description of the Global Titan Original Program and its associated risks, review the Disclosure Document of Tzanetatos Capital Management LLC.


About TzanetatosCapital/GlobalTitan

Tzanetatos Capital Management LLC, a Chicago based , Delaware Incorporated LLC, boutique Managed Futures Global Macro trading firm. The core offering by the firm is the GLOBAL TITAN/ ORIGINAL PROGAM, traded by Mr. George Tzanetatos. The trading program’s principal investment objective is capital appreciation. It seeks to identify and leverage positive, as well as negative trends at the macroeconomic level on the domestic and global capital markets. Global Titan is positioned to strive to exploit the dislocations and macro trends our research has identified in a disciplined manner, aiming to deliver long term performance and value to our clients. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURES RESULTS.
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